Domestic Travel Insurance

Domestic Travel Insurance

Along with the fun, travelling comes with a lot of uncertainties and risk. To enjoy your every trip, it is best to go for travel insurance especially domestic travel insurance while travelling within the country to eliminate financial risks and unwarranted medical expenses. Travel insurance helps in planning a pleasant journey against all adversaries.

Domestic travel insurance includes accidents, medical emergencies, damage/loss of baggage, etc. With domestic medical travel insurance comes the security for future pre and post-hospitalization expenses to manage with unforeseen situations. Some of the prominent travel insurance providers in the country are Tata AIG Travel insurance, Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance, and many more.

Features of Domestic Travel Insurance

The key features of domestic travel insurance are:

  • Domestic travel insurance includes the only insured person.
  • The travel insurance plan can be availed by the age group of 18 years and below 65 years of age.
  • It is the cheapest way to guard against eventualities while travelling within the country.
  • The domestic travel insurance plan offers inclusion against the loss of passport and other travel-related things.
  • Under this plan, the coverage is provided for 1 year and up to the limit of sum insured.
  • This plan includes the expenses due to the delay in flight and the missed connecting flight.
  • It comprises the loss/damage to someone’s property that you are liable for and the emergency medical costs & expenses for anesthetic dental treatment.

Eligibility for Purchasing Domestic Travel Insurance

The eligibility criteria for buying domestic travel insurance is mentioned below:

  • The citizen of India and citizens from another country travelling in India or working with a permit in India can purchase domestic travel insurance.
  • The eligibility age is between 18 years to 65 years and differs from one plan to another.
  • The coverage that you will be offered will completely depend on the place you are travelling to, medical history, and the time of stay of your trip, and others. 

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Inclusions of Domestic Travel Insurance

Travel insurance companies most of the time offer a medical cover, accident cover cancellation or delay cover, and lost/damaged baggage cover. This travel insurance plan comes as a rescue when your flight is delayed or loss of expensive assets. There are various covers available in the market depending on the needs and budget like for a particular trip, family covers or frequent business covers.

Following covers are offered under domestic travel insurance:

  • A medical or accident cover helps in dealing with the expenses happening owing to accidents or medical emergencies during the trip.
  • There can be various reasons for a flight delay thus, adding burden on your shoulders. In such situations, the policyholder covers you against the expenses happening owing to the delay or cancellation.
  • Though a lot of airlines offer compensation for the lost baggage travel insurance covers it in a better manner. It ensures that the cost of your belongings is not just recovered but also valued.
  • Personal liability coverage is offered by many insurance companies as it includes protection against accidental damage to a third-party’s property & is your liability. When travelling with kids, this cover is extremely beneficial.

Exclusions of Domestic Travel Insurance

The domestic travel insurance coverage includes non-medical expenses not covered in the plan, policyholder travelling against his/her doctor’s advice, travelling for medical treatment or detected with a terminal ailment, an accident caused due to the consumption of alcohol or drugs, self-initiated harm, sexually transmitted diseases, mental disorder like stress, the policyholder is a member of Armed Forces & has not mentioned it earlier.

The policyholder is a part of any criminal activities & riot, damage occurring owing to the participation in adventure activities or water sport, and no insurance is provided for the loss due to caving, hunting, horse-riding, rafting, underwater sports, etc.

The Claim Process for Domestic Travel Insurance

Domestic travel insurance can be claimed by following a few simple steps either via online or offline mode:

  • A few insurers provide immediate settlement over the phone while others may ask you to fill a claim form, generate necessary documents, witness, and others.
  • The claim process for this type of plan is based on the claim types & how you present it. It is advised to include the payment along with it.

*Do not rely blindly on the agent, purchase your plan online so that you have accurate information, compare wisely & then procure, and then read the policy documents carefully before investing.