Health Insurance

Life has become uncertain, with growing illness and accidents. It has become a common life incident among people of any age group.  Family and work-life is putting significant pressure. They are easily falling prey to diabetes, hypertension etc.

It is leading them to various diseases such as heart attack, Kidney failure, cognitive failure. India has over 77 million diabetic people which is the second-highest in the world and 80 million people with hypertension.

Apart from it, India has seen the risen case of cancer with 1.16 million cases in the recent few years. So, we recommend health insurance as an urgent priority. Hence one can easily maintain their saving towards their health.



Individual Plan-  In an individual plan, it provides cover against various illness which also includes cashless hospitalization. But it covers the sum of one person only.

Family Floater plan– In a family floater plan, the sum is covered for the entire family who is registered under the plan. In case of any disparity or occurrence.

Maternity Plan– In a maternity plan, both the pre and post-natal care along with delivery outlay is covered along with the cost of an ambulance.

Senior Citizen Plan– In senior citizen plan, the policy is entirely dedicated to the citizen above the age of 60 years.

Critical illness insurance plan– In critical illness insurance plans, severe illness is covered such as kidney ailments, heart attacks, cancer and so on. 

 Why Health Insurance Policy-

  • Increasing illness has also increased the cost of treatment has also increased.
  • Increased rent of the hospital room
  • The increased price of medicine
  • The increased price of surgery

With all this burden it becomes very tough to manage the financial calculation. For the middle-class families, it becomes tremendously difficult to organize or afford such lump sum money. Health insurance policy takes care of you in all these difficult times acting like your friend.

Compare plans-

  • Compare that your policy your selecting covers both the pre and post expenses of hospitalization.
  • Check among various policies that there is a list of illness they are covering and what not.
  • Look for the top-up option in your policies as with changing life events you might feel that current insurance cover is not enough and you want to increase your sum of the insurance cover. 
  • Examine policies that ensure Annual Health checkup that will keep you be aware of the current health condition and will also prepare you for future complications.
  • Check that your  insurance company includes those hospitals which you would prefer in time of any urgency.

Things to keep in Mind-

  • Don’t run after cheap insurance plans, run after the value-based product
  • Your insurance plan should also provide additional benefits such as ambulance benefits, daycare procedures etc.
  • Health insurance provides you with additional advantage by getting a deduction up to Rs 2500 from your income tax. If you or your family registers for health insurance under the section 80D of the Income Tax Act. If any senior citizen registers in health insurance the maximum deduction may go up to 50,000.

Best Health Insurance companies-

  • Apollo Munich Health Insurance
  • Wisdom Policy
  • Max Bupa Health Companion
  • Aditya Birla Health Insurance
  • Religare Care Health Insurance plan
  • Star family Health Optima Plan