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21 Reasons Why you need Aegon Life Insurance

Aegon Life Insurance Policy 

Hasn’t there been some point in our lives when the thought of not having life insurance brings insecurity in our minds? Maybe, it didn’t happen frequently but apparently, our hearts knew that uncertainty prevails at every corner in life. 

Before the fear of insecurities seep in more and your life swings like the bob of the pendulum because responsibilities and debits go hand-in-hand and never decrease their impact is only minimized at some point in life.

So, instead of pondering more invest in Aegon Life Insurance. Don’t be surprised, if we tell you that you could get Rs 1 crore term insurance at just Rs 12 per day.

 21 benefits of Aegon Life Insurance

1. To safeguard Spouse

Aegon life insurance policy assists your spouse to sustain lifestyle after the sudden or untimely death of yours. It is one reason why people buy a life insurance policy.

2. To Safeguard Children

Aegon life insurance covers a child’s education cost when the insurer dies suddenly. As an investment, it manages the cost pertaining to education and marriage too. 

 3. To Safeguard Parents lives 

It allows you to make your aged parents interdependent by allowing them to sustain their lives at the time if any unfortunate incident happens.

4. Helps in Building Wealth

 It helps build wealth and also provides another set of insurance benefits. Its insurance plans are of different types and can help you in creating your future financial goals. 

5. Safely Plans Retirement

Aegon Life insurance works as an ideal investment for retirement planning because it remains the only source of regular income after retirement. 

 6.Helps one to protect the loss of income

An individual suffers loss in income mainly because of the injury or hospitalisation or due to disability that remains covered within it. It works as an excellent reason to buy such policies. 

This is an excellent reason to buy such policies.

7. It helps to cover loans

 If a person incurs debt then it is advisable to him to protect the loan with the Aegon life insurance policy. Because it eases the burden on your family in the case, the insured borrower passes away. 

This policy also takes care of the repayment obligation. 

 8. It values riders 

It is one such policy that comes with attractive riders and sometimes can be the reason for others to invest in this policy too. 

9. Offer tax deductions and benefits too

It is another reason that throws more light to this policy is that it offers deduction from income up to Rs 1,50,000 for payment towards different life insurance premium and this rule comes under section 80-C of an income tax rule. 

10. Suitable Maturity Period 

It helps one to determine the exact premium amount and allows one to use the life insurance premium effectively. Even the maturity period of most of the life insurance policies come with tax exemption. 

The maturity proceeds of most of the life insurance policies are tax exempt.

11. Increases the continuity of business 

It is one such policy that helps businesses to cover the life of the main persons. In case, if the main person passes away then the policy money might also help the business to run the show for some time until the business stabilizes again. 


12. Helps one to attain the peace of mind 

It offers peace to the restless mind and it is the result of investing in the life insurance policy. It helps you to keep your family protected. 


13. Made For Employee Benefits

It is made for employee benefits and probably that is the reason why many entrepreneurs prefer to buy life insurance policies for their employees and it is the form of best human resource practice. 

 14. Obliges its agent

It also seems to be true in many cases as it has turned out to be valuable by bringing the set of benefits that are conducive to the policy. It offers a lump-sum amount to the insurer or the family when they need it most. 

 15. It also facilitates features

It also adds more set of novel features and this is the reason why many people prefer to buy this set of policy and avail benefits. 

16.Allows you to gift someone who you love 

 Since Rakshabandan is around the corner, it can turn out to be a wonderful occasion if you are planning to protect her from enrolling in this scheme. 

 17. It eases liquidation

Liquidation is said to be an easy choice for some life insurance policies that too without the lock-in-period. It allows grants loans to policyholders who already have loans. 

 18. It provides effective protection cover against critical illness

Their new sets of policies provide an effective policy that covers critical illness and its benefits are also available on the extent till the diagnosis of the hidden disease is analysed. It also waives off the future premium and possesses an excellent reason to invest in such type of policies. 

 19. It also safeguards your money 

The safety of their money is also guaranteed because most of the life insurance companies are considered to be sage while creating decisions related to IRDA. 


The biggest advantage linked with Aegon Life Insurance is that all of its schemes are affordable and lies within the budget of consumers. So, why to think more when Aegon Life Insurance will protect you from each and every obstacle in life? 

Simply log in to their website and see an amazing set of health-insurance plans made just for you. 

21.Long term Benefit

Unlike other sets of plans, Aegon Health Insurance will provide you with the long term benefit because of its high premiums and low investment, your life along with your family will remain secure.

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Aegon Life Insurance Renewal 

If your house is on the loan or you have made plans to send your child abroad for higher education then Aegon Life Insurance policy can easily work as an umbrella that could save you from heavy rains in life. 

Easy Loan Facility-A policy that works as a shield in protecting you from the unforeseen financial challenges, this policy aids policyholders in taking loans without negating any policy benefits.

Does it not disturb while thinking about the source of earning post-retirement? It does right, apparently, it remains the worrying doubt for entrepreneurs too. 

Will it ease your difficulty, if we tell you that Aegon Life Insurance is certainly the best instrument for covering all your expenses post-retirement? We are damn sure, it does act as an ointment to wounds the moment you hear that your earnings are possible through annuities.  

The amount of money earned by the policyholder in his working life ensures a steady source of income after the person’s retirement.  

You may have often heard that when risks are high, chances to earn profits are more but you might not have heard its vice-versa. 

What if we tell you that income arising out from dividends and bonuses will be distributed to you through this policy? Yes, you read it right, it allows policyholders to participate in the economic growth of the company that too without preferring risky investments. 

You work for more than three decades, work harder to add more glory to your set of accomplishments but what drives you to so much is the inner-want about wealth-creation.

Aegon Life Insurance

Aegon Life Term Insurance 

Aegon Life Insurance is one such policy that neither compromises protection nor savings nor are viewed in the light of long-term policy that is capable of protecting the interests of policy-holders.  

Almost all of us who rely upon monthly earnings prefer to seek some deduction in taxes; moreover, it seems to be more viable because the new tax system (GST) charges for every service you take.

Wondered how would one felt when a few weeks back news flashing the implementation of GST on Parathas started trending on the top news on tabloids?

 If you would have asked from a millennial then you might come across how appalling it was for them and everybody. Because nobody could have ever dreamt off that intake of Indian food will be subjected to taxes this is how the capitalist economy has worked so far.

Avail deduction under the section 80-C of the Income Tax Act

This rule of income-tax saves you from paying off extra charges on the purchase of premiums paid for validating any life insurance policy. You can also reap the benefits of section 80-C as it provides an exemption for different financial instruments like Employee Provident Fund (EPF), Public Provident Fund (PPF), Public Provident Fund, Equity Linked Savings Schemes and much more.

You are eligible to gain the exemption of INR 1, 50,000 from the taxable income under this scheme. Moreover, these types of exemptions are eligible only for Individuals and Hindu Undivided Family. 

Aegon Life Insurance Customer Care

Its terms insurance cover act like a comfy blanket that covers you up in the wintry nights. Offering a safety cushion for your dearer ones, its premiums are available on term insurance are exempted from tax under Section 80-C of the IT Act. Its benefit is not only limited to this but even the claim and maturity amount that is received on your end is also exempted under Section 10 (10 D)


  • These four letters are the acronym for United-Linked Insurance Plan, it is a plan that offers a life cover capable of shielding your family and even allow you to invest in the equity market. 
  • It’s investment options present an array of investing related decisions about equity market options like fund switching options, income tax benefits, high returns in the long term, life cover, and loyalty additions too.
  • Before investing in them, you need to carefully understand that as an investor, you will have to bear the risk of the investment.

Child Plan

  • A kind of life-insurance cover that shields the future of your budding kids. It is an education-related plan that guarantees the expenses of your child’s higher education.
  • It allows you to remain fearless in case any sort of difficulty comes within your way. As this concrete tree will firmly hold your child’s higher studies and will devotedly support your child’s overseas education too. Because nobody can measure a dream, especially when it is the dream of your kid, Aegon Life Insurance is here to lend a helping hand. 
  • It allows you to create small investments for a short period. One can also expect to receive regular payouts in a fixed period. In case, if your child’s dream shifts from being an engineer to a creative artist. Then the amount of money earned in your pocket would suffice to fetch him the hat of a creative director.  

Savings and Investments 

  • Life insurance schemes are generally considered to be a great tool for savings and investment. Its endowment plans are considered as good savings and investment options. 
  • If you are thinking of improving your financial status than relying upon investment plans offering lump-sum returns will do the needful. Since investment plans are linked to the actual market, it assures policyholders that they could get maximum returns.

Money-Back Scheme

  • It allows you to get the returns in intervals. Instead of getting paid the entire amount at the end of the term. Though the frequency and period of pay-outs do differ from plan to plan as well from company to company.  This policy could provide you with money at different intervals. To help people meet various financial goals. 


Use the e-CMS/NEFT/Bill to pay option provided by the bank and add Aegon life insurance as a beneficiary to allow renewal payments regularly through online payment process/net-banking.

To know about the status of the Aegon policy log-in to the official website and get the desired details.

To surrender your Aegon Life Insurance policy you need to submit the original documents and a cancelled cheque with the policy holder’s name on it to the nearest Aegon Life Insurance branch.

It’s very easy and simple, directly log-in the insurance provider website and get the receipt immediately.

Final Words

Therefore, you should cover you and your family with a shield of Aegon Life Insurance. As they are one of the best insurance company that provides both individual and group insurance. In both the modes  both offline and online

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