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A Comprehensive Map Of Policy Bazaar Travel Insurance


Travelling is a passion which all of us possess regardless of our age group and financial condition. Thus, a comprehensive travel insurance plan by Policy Bazaar Travel Insurance is a must buy if you wish to travel often or otherwise.

Policy Bazaar Travel insurance is a guarantee which you gift yourself for a safe and secure trip. Whether you are travelling abroad or within the country, having a comprehensive travel insurance plan not only gives you a peaceful mind to enjoy but also comes with a lot of added benefits.

Travel insurance plans mostly cover medical expenses, personal accident, baggage lost, theft, loss of passport and cancellation. It protects you from any damage or loss you may face during your trip including natural calamities or man-made calamities which are often unpredictable and can happen at any given time.

Advantages of Policy Bazaar Travel Insurance

As mentioned, travel insurance plans cover a variety of features to safeguard your trip against any misfortunes. Travel Insurance of Policy bazaar gives you a detailed study of some of the benefits which travel insurance plans proposes. They are :

  • Reimbursement for any flight-related issues – There can be many issues related to flights and airports such as delay, loss of luggage or mix up. One can even end up missing their flights but if you have an insurance plan these issues can be fixed by your insurer without losing any extra money.
  • Hospital facility – If in case you end up being hospitalised at any of the sponsored hospitals of your insurer, due to any unfortunate event. You can get cashless assistance for all your medical requirements without paying anything extra.
  •  Benefits for elderly – You can get a customized travel insurance policy for senior citizens travelling abroad or in India. This feature is added to make sure that all the needs of the elderly are fulfilled during their travel journey.
  •  Multi-trip policy – For those who are mostly travelling, possibly due to business requirements need not buy travel insurance for each and every trip. There are multi-trip travel insurance policies designed for those who travel oftentimes. It has one-year validity.

Types of Plans of Policy Bazaar Travel Insurance

While choosing a travel insurance plan for yourself and your family, it is necessary to look through all the details and conditions the plan encloses. Policy Bazaar Travel Insurance guides you through all the types of travel insurance plan available in India for travellers to choose from.

Based on Demographic feature

  • Domestic Travel Insurance – In this Policy Bazaar Travel Insurance Plan, it offers insurance for travellers within the country. It’s the most basic travel insurance plan offering medical and accident protection for the individual buying the plan and his family.
  • International Travel Insurance – This plan is for all the Indians travelling abroad with or without family. It ensures safety against the medical charge, flight delay, passport issues, loss of luggage, hijacks emergency and gives cash assistance in the crisis. It also includes insurance towards the house of the traveller until the end of the travel journey.
  • Schengen Travel Insurance- It is a type of travel insurance plan for those travellers who are visiting more than one Schengen countries. It is customizable and depends on the need of the traveller. It includes protection against emergencies that may end up in financial loss such as medical cap, passport issue, delay, luggage problems, personal accident and accidental casualty.

Based on Traveller Type

  • Family Travel Insurance – It is best for those families who are travelling out of the country. This plan ensures safety for the individual buying the insurance plan and to his/her immediate family which includes husband/wife and children. All the members of the family are under the travel insurance cover and could benefit from the insurance against the medical bills, luggage issues, loss of passport, delay and other emergencies.
  •  Senior Citizen Travel Insurance – It is specially made travel insurance plan for the elderly and their travel journey. As it is certain that their needs are different and so they require more attention. Hence, the senior citizen travel plan is altered to fit their requirements and safeguard against medical damage, check-in, luggage drop etc. All above the age of 60 are eligible for this travel insurance plan.
  • Student Travel Insurance – This travel plan is based on the student needs who are studying abroad. It encompasses all the basic covers along with added benefits such as sponsor protection, two-way compassionate visit, bail bong etc. Also, it has a validity of 2 years.
  • Corporate Travel Insurance – This travel plan is designed to meet the needs of business corporates, who are often required to travel. This plan allows them to take several trips within one insurance plan and covers all of the basic elements of the travel insurance plan. The validity of this plan is up to one year.
  • Group Travel Insurance – There are many travelling agencies nowadays which provides group travel plans. Also, some companies or firms organize group visits for officials. In either case, a group travel insurance plan is always helpful as it provides protection for the group travelling abroad or in India.

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Criteria for Policy Bazaar Travel Insurance

Policy Bazaar Travel Insurance provides you with the eligibility requirements for all the types of travel insurance plans:-

  • Family Travel Insurance Plan – It includes the policyholder, spouse and dependent children. In these adults should be between the ages of 18-60 years and children between 6 months – 12 years of age.
  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance – All above the age of 60
  •  Student Travel Insurance – All from the age of 16 to 35 years of age.
  •  Group Travel Insurance – To be recognised as a group it is crucial to have a minimum of 10 people.

What is Included!

In light of this, let’s look at the included covers which fall under travel insurance plans:

  • Cancelled trip – A cancelled trip is a bummer for everyone, especially if you have a non-refundable ticket. However, a travel insurance plan can save you from the financial damage and could reimburse cancellation fee. This feature of Policy Bazaar Travel Insurance is applicable in case of a major injury or infection within the family or in case of death. In bad weather conditions or in case of a terrorist attack.

Policy Bazaar Travel Insurance

  • Mortal Remains – If in a misfortunate event the policyholder dies in the middle of the trip. The insurance company provides assistance in bringing back the mortal remains of the diseased and takes care of all the associated formalities.
  •  Hijack – One of the unique features of travel insurance is the protection of a hijack situation. This protection is in the form of compensation with respect to the scenario.
  •  Compassionate Vist – This element is exclusive for the students who are studying abroad on a student travel instance plan. In case, the person is hospitalised and is in need of a family member in a foreign country This policy allows a free visit for a family member and takes care of the accommodation and travel expenses.

What is Excluded! 

Policy Bazaar Travel Insurance makes sure that the person buying the insurance plan is fully aware of the risks and the points, which are excluded from the travel insurance plan, before investing in the plan.

  • Narcotics

Any engagement in narcotics such as drugs or alcohol is expected not to be claimed under the travel insurance plan. The company is not responsible for any claims made under these circumstances. Also, a medical condition due to narcotics is not included in the Policy Bazaar travel insurance medical care.

  • War 

If the policyholder is in between a war-like situation, could be a civil war, the insurance company is not accountable for any claims. Terrorist attacks are also included in this scenario. 


Policy Bazaar Travel Insurance do not cover any medical expense arising from HIV AIDS.

  • Cosmetic surgery 

Any treatment or medication for cosmetic purposes is not to be claimed under the Policy Bazaar Travel insurance plan. 

  • Adventure Sports 

 Participation in any kind of adventure sports such as sky diving, scuba diving, racing etc is not included in the Policy Bazaar travel insurance agreement.


Therefore, it is important to have Travel Insurance to have a secure Trip. So, that during the unforeseen events such as loss of baggage, passports, delay or cancellation of the flight you remain calm and relaxed. Policy Bazaar Travel Insurance is your friend your need. So, on your next trip don’t forget your Travel Insurance

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