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5+Reason to Protect Your Dream Car-Bharti AXA Car Insurance


When it comes to Car Insurance, one can simply not forget mentioning Bharti AXA Car Insurance. It is among the top insurance provider companies in the country with 135 branches spread all over.

Bharti Axa is a joint venture between one of India’s most successful business corporation Bharti Enterprises and the AXA Group which is known for its insurance and asset management around the globe.

Among their many products, one most trusted is the Bharti AXA car insurance plan. Car insurance is the largely preferred insurance plan which car owners acquire. Car insurance also referred to as auto and motor insurance.

Why Bharti AXA Car Insurance?

It is the protective shield, a defence mechanism against all kinds of risks such as road accidents, third party liabilities and most importantly it guards against any financial burden related to your vehicle.

Buying car insurance is also kind of mandatory for all car owners according to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The Act states that all in possession of a vehicle should have third party insurance that can be claimed for the insured person ( you ), the insured vehicle ( your car ) and third parties ( any other vehicle and properties ).

Therefore, buying a well-established car insurance plan is not only a cover but is a need for all owning a legal automobile in this country. 

Before Investing in Bharti AXA Car Insurance?

Before investing in such a big insurance plan there are a few things you must be aware of, for example, you must be sure of the type of insurance plan you need to cover your requirements as well as you have to be convinced that this is the best thing for your car which you bought with most of your life’s savings.

To clear doubts on the latter point, imagine your car is critically damaged by an accident.

In that case, you’ll need a whole lot of cash to get it repaired that can eventually put you in debts. Now, what if your car gets stolen? No amount of money can save you here or get your car back. However, if you have a car insurance plan, you can come out of both of these situations without spending any money.

But the dilemma is to decide on which of the car insurance plans is best for you. Let’s look at the types of car insurance plan provided by Bharti Axa General Insurance Company. 

Types of Car Insurance Plan 

There are three types of Bharti Axa Car Insurance they are : 

Comprehensive Car Insurance 

The comprehensive car insurance plan is exactly how it sounds. It covers you and your vehicle against all the risks associated with Own Damage (OD) and Third-party liability.

 As the comprehensive car insurance plan, it safeguards from all expenses due to road accidents, covers damage and prevents financial loss. Along with these it also shields against theft, criminal acts, burglary, housebreaking, fire, flood, earthquake, tsunami etc. 

Bharti Axa Car Insurance has designed this insurance plan strategically to fulfil all vehicle-related problems that could arise from any unfortunate events. It is a type of all-in-one insurance plan for your car, it also includes a compulsory personal accident cover that secures the owner/driver.

It is activated by paying a general premium amount per year so that the owner/driver could redeem a sum of Rs. 15 lakhs. The sum of money depends on certain variations, such as : 

  • In case of death, the compensation level is 100%
  •  In case of loss of two limbs or sight in both eyes or damage in one limb and loss of one eye, the compensation level is 100%.
  • Damage in one limb or loss of one eyesight, the compensation level is 50%.
  •  100% compensation if there is permanent damage from an injury. 

 Third-Party Liability Plan 

The Bharti AXA Car Insurance grants you protection from damages against road accidents or other casualties along with a cover for your car and the third party included in the event.

This plan works as a safety net from property damage, destructions and casualties of the third party. But one should know what is the type of damages or what situations the third part insurance plan covers from.

It gives compensation if there is any bodily injury to the third parties due to the accident, compensation if there is any kind of damage to the property of the third parties due to the accident and it also gives compensation if there has been a death of any member of the third party due to the accident.

Stand Alone Damage 

As the name suggests, Bharti AXA Car Insurance guarantees protection towards your vehicle and yourself. This plan is ideal for those who already have a third party insurance plan and therefore they need a policy that can protect against the damages which the third party does not cover.

The stand-alone damage plan is a package insurance plan that guards against all financial burdens and expenses arising due to events such as : 

  • Road accident
  • Theft/robbery 
  • All Natural calamities such as earthquakes, tsunami, floods etc. 

The Features it Doesn’t Support are : 

  •  Depreciation 
  • Any mechanical or technical difficulty. 
  • Accidents due to the impact of drugs or alcohol, underage driving and illegal license. 

The stand-alone plan of Bharti AXA Car Insurance can be summarised as the comprehensive plan expect the third party liability part. Also, an important aspect here is that the stand-alone plan can be purchased if only you have an existing long term third party insurance plan. 

Add-on Covers 

  • Depreciation Cover 

Like us, our vehicle also ages over time and losses its value. This factor becomes significant when calculating depreciation. It causes a loss of asset due to the age, wears and tear of the vehicle. Depreciation cover allows you to avail the amount during the renewal of your insurance or when buying new insurance. The biggest advantage of Bharti AXA Car Insurance

  • Consumable Cover 

This add on is best for the comprehensive plan as it assists in saving money towards consumables. Consumables here are referred to nuts, bolts and screws which are excluded from the amount at the time of claim in the Policy Bazaar Travel Insurance. 

  • Roadside Assistance 

It is one of the most important add on, it assists in the time of crisis. If by any chance you get stuck due to some technical breakdown, the insurer sends you help just by making a phone call. 

  • Key Replacement 

If in case you lose your locker key or have to replace your lock. You can avail the amount of money spent on the purchase under the key replacement cover. 

  • Co-passenger Cover

At the time of the accident, you or the policyholder doesn’t have to be the only one inside the car. Co-passenger cover ensures safety for the other people seated in the car at the time of the accident. They can be your friends, family members or driver. 

  • Engine & Gearbox Cover 

This cover makes sure that the engine of your car is protected. In case of any damage to the engine, the cover provides fund to replace the engine. It also includes Gearbox. 

  • Ambulance Charges 

If you don’t have a comprehensive health insurance plan, ambulance charges can get higher than expectations. This cover provides free Ambulance ride to the hospital for the insurer. 

  • Hospital Cash 

Again, if you do not have a health insurance plan covering your medical requirements. Hospital cash cover can come in handy in case of an accident. It allows Rs. 1000 per day if you are admitted. It lasts until 30 days of hospitalization. 

  • Invoice Price Cover 

Referred to as a return to invoice cover (RTI), it fills the gap of the vehicle’s insured value and the actual pricing. 

  • Medical Expenses 

It as a medical insurance cover. It pensions Rs. 10,000 to the owner/driver and co-passengers if they are injured in a road accident. 

Bharti AXA car insurance

What’s Included! 

The Bharti Axa car insurance plan includes : 

  • Accidents

The primary role of any motor insurance is to serve against accidental damages. Be it the medical compensation or financial loss, the insurance plan covers both. 

  • Theft/Robbery 

Another great reason why most people feel safe buying car insurance is because it protects them from the inevitable damage of a stolen car. 

  • Third-Party Liability 

Accidents usually happen between two vehicles. In that case, sometimes you can be responsible for the loss. Third-party liability covers compensation charges to the third parties. 

  • Natural Calamities

 Even if you drive safe or have all the security in the world. One can never escape from natural disasters. Damages from such can be critical and potentially could burn a big hole in your pocket. 

  • Man-Made Disasters

 The world is full of conflict and chaos, to protect your car against riots, fire, explosions etc you must have a car insurance plan. 

  • Compulsory Personal Accident Cover 

This cover protects the owner/driver in case of permanent damage or death. 

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What’s Excluded in Bharti AXA Car Insurance

While the Bharti Axa Car insurance covers most of the necessary factors, it is wise to know the elements it excludes : 

  •  Illegal Driving – Although the car insurance plan claims to cover all the expenses against accidents. It doesn’t cover any loss due to illegal driving under the impact of drugs/alcohol. 


  • Invalid license – Any accident that reports the driving without a valid driving license is strictly prohibited and thus, it is excluded from all the car insurance liabilities. 


  • Marketing Activity – Using one’s vehicle for any marketing or commercial activity is not encourage or entertained by the insurance company. Therefore, accidents during the following are annihilated from the policy claim. 

Some of the other reasons which are not aforementioned are a mechanical or technical issue, orchestrated accidents and crossing the demographic limits etc. 

How/When to Register a claim in Bharti AXA Car Insurance

Well, a claim should be registered shortly after the accident has happened. However, in the case of a Total Theft claim the police and insurance company should be informed within 24 hrs.

If the policyholder fails to inform within the time frame, he/she must provide with a precise genuine clarification letter. The insurance company do not take any responsibility for the loss if there is a delay in claim registration. 

To register a motor claim, one simply has to call on the toll-free number of the Bharti Axa General Insurance or contact through email at the official email address. 

How to Calculate the Premium! 

The next important thing to focus on after buying car insurance is to know how to calculate the premium amount. The necessary details needed to calculate the premium is different for both new and old cars. 

For New Cars : 

  • Age of the car 
  • The purpose of the car ( personal or commercial ) 
  • Fuel type 
  •  Insured declared value 
  •  Car engine’s cubic capacity 
  • Car registrations area 
  • Personal details of the owner/driver 

For Old Cars : 

  • Present policy details
  •  Claim history
  • Details of the previous owner ( if applicable )

Note- These are the details additionally required along with the ones mentioned for a new car to calculate the premium for an old car. 


In case of loss of the policy documents you need to send a written request to the insurer along with a nominal fee to issue the duplicate car documents.

The premium amount for Bharti AXA Car Insurance is calculated based on the claim history, car’s IDV, the registration city, car model etc

You can avail two kinds of discounts from Bharti AXA Car Insurance plans. One is No claim bonus and the other one is voluntary deductible.

For the agreed changes in your policy the policymakers send a piece of written evidence in the form of an endorsement. This document contains all the changes incorporated in the car policy (terms and conditions).

Word of Advice

Thus, Bharti AXA provides the best car Insurance with an absolute easy claim Process. At, the same time it also provides cashless repair at their registered shops. Where one can avail the reimbursement process. So, hurry up if you haven’t insured your car yet.

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