Schengen Travel Insurance

Schengen Travel Insurance

Almost every person wants to travel to Europe but travelling to European countries needs a Schengen Visa. 

To avail this visa, Schengen travel insurance is necessary. To get a Schengen Visa, medical coverage of at least 30,000 Euro is mandatory. You can purchase a Schengen travel insurance policy which can provide you with the needed medical coverage thus, making it easier for you to avail your Schengen visa. 

Every year many people apply for a Schengen visa. More than 7 lakh applications alone have been from India in 2015.

This travel insurance policy provides you coverage for 26 European countries related to this area; Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Norway, Netherlands, Slovenia, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Iceland, Malta, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Switzerland, and Sweden.

In order to process a VISA application, purchasing a Schengen travel insurance policy is essential including numerous other reasons. Travelling to foreign countries can be expensive hence, it is advised to procure this plan as it includes other risks which can arise anytime.

Requirements of Schengen Visa Insurance

In order to avail a Schengen Visa, the following criteria need to be met:

  • It should have at least a minimum coverage of 30,000 Euro.
  • It offers coverage for unforeseen medical emergencies comprising accidental injury, medical repatriation of remains, and medical illness.
  • It is valid for 26 European countries that accept Schengen visas.

Benefits of Schengen Travel Insurance

From travel tickets to visa costs, travelling to Europe is quite expensive. If any medical emergency arises then the Europe trip can be costlier thus, putting a hole in your pocket.

Below Mentioned are Some of the Benefits of Availing Schengen Travel Insurance:

  • It includes cashless hospitalization cover along with emergency medical expenses incurred during the trip.
  • It comprises accidental injuries during the trip.
  • It also provides medical evacuation cover along with personal accident cover.
  • This insurance also provides third-party damage cover.
  • It includes coverage for the total loss of checked-in baggage.
  • Even the passport is also included under this travel insurance policy.
  • The benefits mentioned above can vary from one insurer to another depending on the purpose of your visit. For students, there are other special plans.

Documents needed for Schengen Visa

Following documents are required to avail Schengen Visa:

  • Duly filled & signed Visa application form
  • Valid passport
  • Schengen travel insurance policy with the medical cover of minimum Euro 30,000
  • Air tickets
  • Round-trip itinerary or reservation
  • 2 recent passport size photographs (35mmx45mm)
  • ITR proof for the previous 3 years
  • Last 6 months bank statement
  • A letter of declaration for the purpose of travel and duration of stay
  • Admission proof if travelling for further studies
  • Appointment letter from the employer (if for work purposes)

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Types of Schengen Visa

Various types of Schengen visa are national visa, airport transit visa, tourist visa, business visa, visiting family & friends, official visit, medical reasons, and study visa. Depending on the purpose of the visit, the visa can be issued for a single entry, double-entry or multiple entry visa.

A short-stay visa is of 2 types: Uniform Schengen Visa (USV) and Limited Territorial Validity (LTV).

*A short stay visa is valid for 90 days within a period of 180 days for business or tourist purposes, not more than 3 months.

Schengen Travel Insurance Inclusions

A Schengen travel insurance policy covers accidental bodily injury during the trip, acute anaesthetic treatment of teeth due to an injury, emergency expenses made for medical evacuation to India, total loss of your checked-in baggage by a common carrier, cost of obtaining a fresh or duplicate passport in case of a lost passport, emergency medical expenses incurred by you whilst abroad, for any sudden illness, injury or death, compensation for death or permanent disability due to an accident.

While riding as a passenger in a common carrier, reimbursement of return ticket fare for a family member visiting you, the insured, if you’re hospitalised for more than 7 days, expenses incurred while transporting the insured’s mortal remains back home or towards burial abroad in case of an untimely demise, compensation for a third party in case your involuntary actions result in someone’s demise, cause someone injury or damage to health or property, etc.

Schengen Travel Insurance Exclusions

A Schengen travel insurance exclusions are war or nuclear threat in the country where you are travelling, in case loss of checked-in baggage, no partial loss or damage shall become payable, claims arising out of non- disclosed and non-declared pre-existing medical conditions will not be covered, any issues faced due to theft or loss of passport when left unattended or if you don’t report the loss to local police authorities, and others.