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Two Wheeler Insurance

Why buying a Two Wheeler Insurance is the real need? 

Usually, two in five car insurance policyholders do think about changing policy as well as insurance according to the terms and conditions that change with every time of the policy renewal. It allows one to easily save a handsome amount of money only by comparing the quotes of Two Wheeler insurance.

Two Wheeler Insurance through Online Modes

Look out for the Best Coverage and not for the Low-Cost One

While searching for different companies’ two-wheeler insurance, do look for that where the maximum number of policyholders have applied for it. Because it will give you an idea about how helpful it would be for you to choose that life insurance policy that has already brought much happiness on your face after all your life will remain safe and secure.

With the lowest rates and high premiums, the two-wheeler insurance policy schemes have become the best schemes that one could easily buy without giving any second thought.

Thus, the online comparison is the best way to get the adept rate for the right plan that meets needs. But also allows one to opt for the right size policy that protects the high interests of the people too.

Prefer that Policy Whose Charges are Less

A wise man has said that neglecting the growth of expenses can one day prove to be quite fatal for those who kept on neglecting them. Thus, it has become quite necessary and vital for them to hold a plethora of options to choose not only one policy but many set of policies. Hence one should never stick to that policy where the expenses arise in a disproportionate manner do harm many things.

Allows one to check other Insurance Companies in India

Since not all insurance companies in India do list their names in terms of quotes, comparison websites, and even allow the customers to search for another set of insurance companies which provide premiums at affordable rates. 

What you need to is to compare the set of large-sized products of parent brands and analyze the life period of those insurance brands. In other words, it will help you gain an insight into what has been happening and even allow you to know your insurance product better than anyone else.

It can be worthy of your time if you could check for the car insurance quotes from their website instead of going out and landing at different insurance companies just for the sake of having one.

Think of Adding Someone to the Plan

Why not only insure yourself and the car when insuring the life of a driver has become much more important? Perhaps, if you think of including an additional driver that too the more experienced one to the vehicle insurance policy then there are chances that you might lower down to coverage cost. Kindly note, never mention him as the main driving person.

Stay from making false assumptions, gain security in what you preferably do

Whenever a person compares the quotes of online car insurance which is offered to him by different car insurance companies like in India, then there are chances that he/she will make some more assumptions.

On the other side, it depends upon how one can make assumptions about certain things especially when his faith in the particular company doubts him much more.

Thus, it depends upon one that how can they gain the assurance about the set of assumptions that have been made by them are factually right. Therefore, it is advisable for the policy seeking a person to read all the documents much more clearly and have a clear understanding of exactly the real assumptions.  

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Avail the benefits under Income Tax Act Under Section 80

Instead of searching more and more number of Two Wheeler insurance policies, prefer those set of policies where the motor vehicle is insured according to the norms and rules inscribed under the income tax section of 80-D. 

What does the New Income Tax Bill have for You?

The all-new income tax bill is highly acknowledged for its lower tax rate and simultaneous removal of tax-deductions that further results in lower outgo. According to the Ministry of Finance, this new rule offers flexibility to the tax-payer in choosing the new set of options from the given subset of income tax rule and also allows them to avail of the existing income tax deductions.

Individuals who are at the age of below 60 years and it also includes residents as well as non-residents.  

An Individual Taxpayer is specifically divided into three categories-

With health and education cess rates to be nearing towards the 4% in addition to the surcharge that is levied on the income tax whenever it is applicable. Moreover, the surcharge on the income tax is also added as per the law of income tax slab which applies to the individual.

  • It also includes senior citizens whose age lie between 60 to 80 years as well as super senior citizens who are at the age group of above 80 years.
  • Presenting you the new income tax slab
  • If a person earns up to Rs 2.5 lakh then his tax rate is nullified.
  • If the overall income of the tax-payer lies somewhere between Rs2,50,000 to Rs 5,00,000 then the overall tax rate is 5%.
  • If the policy holder’s income is amounted to be more than Rs5,00,000 and less than Rs7,50,000 then the overall tax rate applicable to him is 10%. 
  • If the policyholder is a powerful person and earns more than Rs 7,50,000 and less than Rs 10,00,000 then he would be liable under the tax rate of 15%.
  • If the Two Wheeler insurance policy holder’s salary is way more than Rs 15,00,000 then he will get the benefit of a 30% tax rate.  


In the end, it can be easily concluded that Two Wheeler insurance policies are suitably the best for those set of persons who aren’t able to save the money to add insurance to the vehicle can simply earn it from what they conceived was something far from their reach.